I started consulting primarily to help others. Having sat on a number of industry forums and workshop groups, I genuinely wanted to help others in similar roles to mine to learn from my mistakes and take things that had worked for me and see if they could be used to work for them.

As a result, I have shared my knowledge and experience with countless others, from front office staff and Relationship Managers to MLROs, Data Protection Officers, Senior Management and Boards, and continue to do so to this day.

Firms and individuals come to me for many reasons, some for the ratification of an idea or potential solution to a problem, some to use me as a sounding board. Others to plug a temporary gap of resource, knowledge or experience in their team.

On a larger scale some firms come to me for independent verification of their systems and controls, or for assistance in authoring their policies and procedures, or to design and deliver targeted or group wide training programmes.

Invariably the reason that a client comes to me is as unique as the client themselves, and I pride myself on being as flexible and receptive as possible to be able to meet those needs.


Policies, procedures and risk management frameworks are only as effective as the staff using them and the management overseeing their application and efficacy. A robust training programme for staff is essential. Why not get in touch to see how I can help you create a training framework for your organisation.

From reviewing inhouse e-learning content, to designing and delivering board briefings, targeted workshops, staff induction sessions or firm wide classroom training, I have years of experience in face to face training and would be happy to help you to meet your training needs.


Often compliance based roles can be quite isolating and all someone wants is a conversation with an independent peer, or industry expert. Alternatively, policy reviews, edits and authoring can be a mammoth task and extremely time consuming, as can stress testing internal controls and procedures.

Whether a phone call or meeting to discuss a particular issue will suffice or you need an independent audit, preparatory work for a regulatory visit or assistance in policy editing or authoring, I can help with:

  • Financial crime risk framework creation or review
  • Authoring, reviewing, editing financial crime policies/procedures
  • Support with AML/KYC checks
  • Internal/external financial crime audits
  • Financial Crime Help Desk
  • REP-CRIM return support
  • Assistance with the MLRO Annual Report
  • Expert Witness reports
  • Sanctions framework reviews
    And more….